Welcome to the Red Mile

In 2018, we began our journey as a Calgary Flames podcast. As brothers who live apart (in Edmonton and Calgary) we often found ourselves on the phone constantly talking about the team and the games.

My name is Nathan Woolridge and I am a third year journalism student at Mount Royal University in Calgary. I am constantly thinking about different projects to work on. Eventually, we both thought it would be a great idea to start a podcast together. Cameron came up with the name, I designed the logo and away we went.

Like any project, it’s been a joy to start something like this with my brother. We talk every single day about the podcast; what we should talk about and how to move forward from episode to episode.

At first, we weren’t thrilled about the first few episodes. But, we recognized this as an opportunity to see growth in the podcast and growth personally. Episode 4: The Rise of Big Save Dave was our favourite episode to produce so far and in the new year, we have many similar episodes planned. We really enjoyed the format and topic for that episode and decided that’s how we will continue from here.

Together, we have so many ideas and plans for this podcast. Thankfully, we are able to put a decent amount of time into this side project as we are both full-time students.

Lastly, we are so excited that we decided to start this podcast when we did. This season has been an absolute blast to follow and we are happy to be sharing this journey with other Flames fans.